Hi! The flame is still burning.

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Of course my name is not VonBeer. It doesn’t highlight my drinking habits but beer is a manly method to end a successful idea… and I do not have drinking habits that I could track down the memory lane and talk about. What else? I should never be the subject of my stories but I am. I am emotionally involved in my own words from the conception to the meaning. Life is a choice of music and stories, I am not good enough at any of this two to be able to paint profoundly my ideas of life or whatever. I have a thought, I take a picture and I am painting the image with words, only to corrupt your feelings and your reality.  I use a lens to open your soul and I use words to explain myself and my intrusion. My English is plain and my mind hard to hook it up to a simple train of thoughts. It makes writing hard and you shouldn’t assume I’m a writer in the first place. I’m a photographer with errors in imagination, you can find me in all of my images but also on the other side of them if you are curious to understand what I am trying to explain.

I was born by the river of blood and sounds of pain in a white state facility. By the time the sun was up I already had two good vaccines and a meal after. Life is what it is. I estimate the damage and chuckle away to bed for another day. I am quick on appreciating sounds, colors, erotic shapes and such. I am doing my best to write grammatically correct, I really am! Some ideas I have and write gives me a familiar feeling of reading them somewhere else.

My fuel mix is the ideal amount of music notes, words of poems and trouble.

Poison is whatever you don’t need. (Native American Talk)

All happiness depends on courage and work. (Honoré de Balzac)

In trouble to be troubled, Is to have your trouble doubled. (Daniel Defoe)

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. (Haruki Murakami)