Privacy Policy

I do not collect any personal information. The comment areas are off and I use no contact forms or any other kind of form. Any cookies present on my blog are out of my control: I use Google Tracking. Other WP plugins might collect information.

Content on this website is intended for adults and (NOT OR) not for easily offended people as it could be considered offensive by those with “modern” logic. I am not promoting essential oils or automated spaghetti forks and I am not an activist of any sort. I have ideas and feelings, I use sarcasm and graphic language, and I don’t debate. The wold has become a stew of easily offended people and the stupidity epidemic it’s not my fault.  If you have a problem with the content on this website it’s just that: your problem. Deal with it!

GDPR strongly suggests that Privacy Policy to be simple, straight and honest. There you go.